Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Nothing much to update

But just wanted to put in here so I remember.

Last night (Christmas) DH and I were sitting peacefully and he said "I hope we have this baby" so I said "why?" and he replied simply "because I love it".

It really touched me.

We had a quiet Christmas I spent most of it in bed, pretty boring dinner for me too, I will attach a pic lol.  I did get very spoilt pressie wise from mum and gran though! Oh and I'm 14+4 today! xx

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

13+4 Today!

Well everyone I have passed the dreaded 12 week stage! I can officially say I am in the second trimester for the first time ever!

It has been tough being back at work even though boss was good and let me come back phased so the first week I just did 9am-12.30pm then the second week until 3pm then this week till 5pm which was a killer but that is me now finished for Christmas, 2 weeks off yay thank goodness for saved holidays! 

Things between Dh and I are good finally, he is very worried about amnio results, which I am too.  well, I am also nervous about the actual test itself too.

On Thursday 13th December I had my 12 week scan thats when they put my dates forward by 3 days :-) I was scanned for ages as baby was misbehaving and wouldn't lie still to be measured etc. Baby even tuned upside down at one point, then lay with its back to us and you could see all of the spine it was amazing.  Midwife was great with me when I told her my history, got a great scan pic with legs kicked out which I will add at the end.  I was also told I have to go for a glucose tolerance test as my last blood sugar was too high, but to be honest I think thats because I have to sook on mint humbugs all day to stop being sick!

On that note the sickness has been better just some evenings it comes back with a vengeance.  I have had some heartburn too and the gaviscon tablets are disgusting.  I managed out for my works Christmas lunch which was amazing I just ate a little but I wasnt sick yay!

I even ordered some maternity clothing! I think I am getting carried away!  Just basic dresses to get by as my bump is swelling and very uncomfy in my usual clothing.

Outside of baby life Im not really having any life at all I am just soooo tired all the time. Speaking of which its almost 7pm bed time so good night all xx

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Getting there

Well I am 11+2 today!!!!

Last Friday I travelled all the way to go and get my CVS done, it was such a cold day too.  I was taken in for a scan first so they could see where the placenta was.  I think I was convinced baby would be dead as it normally is but imagine my surprise to see it moving around wriggling and kicking and punching it was sooo funny I laughed and DH got embarrassed at it was all very serious.  Sadly they couldn't do the CVS as my bowel was in the way.  They booked me in again for today but after a chat with DH we decided to cancel and just wait for amnio which is now 11th January when I will be 16+3.

I have my 12 week scan exactly a week today when I will be 12+2 which I am excited about to see baby again hopefully moving around like last time.

Yesterday I got a call from IVF clinic saying I can start my next cycle asap.  I apologised profusely that no-one had passed the message on that I'm preggers all DIY style! she was really nice and we had a nice chat she was very understanding about the hyperemesis as she suffered from it.

Seems I am in good company with my illness as hte Duchess of Cambridge has it too.  I am so upset though by the facebook and twitter comments slating her and saying its just a bit of morning sickness etc, oh if only they knew the half of it I tell you!!!!

In relation to the HG I am ok in mornings now and did my 4th morning back at work today.  Im not going to lie it has been a struggle and I am absolutely knackered but Im in bed by 7pm every night! 

Things are gradually getting better between DH and I probably because I am able to do a bit more now.

Please let me be one of the ones who has it disappear completely by 2nd trimester pretty please!!!!!