Monday, 24 June 2013


So I really haven't blogged in about 11 weeks! So sorry but just feel there's been nothing much to report.  I finished up work on 24th May which has been great!  I had my friends wedding all day on 28th May it was lovely but pretty hard going I last from 2.30pm until 8.30pm which I thought wasn't too bad.  We also had an all day wedding on 15th June the week before I was due but luckily hubby understood that I didn't want to go so he went out to a gig at night instead which worked out well. 

We have been spending so much money buying things, I'm constantly thinking of more things I want/need for my baby.  Only yesterday I dragged hubby to Tesco with me as I just had to buy more newborn size babygros as I was convinced I don't have enough.  It's difficult not knowing what size they are going to be!

The nursery is all done, feeding chair built up and its so comfy I'm looking forward to the hours spent hopefully breastfeeding baby in it. 

Pram was delivered last week although it's at my grans as my mum declared it bad luck for me to have it!

I have the car seat and with a bit of difficulty we managed to get the summer cover on it and I love it.

I had midwife last week at 39+4 and she told me I would have a sweep on 26th at 40+4 if no signs of labour and I will be induced when 12 days overdue.  I really hope I'm not induced as I really want to use the birthing pool.

So just wishing the time away hoping baby decides to show up soon.

I have attached a pic of us at my friends wedding :-) 



  1. I have read your whole blog and I just wanted to say I think you and your husband are both amazing to cope with everything you have been through. God bless you and your beautiful child.

  2. Lovely pic :-)

    Hope you didn't have to have the sweep but got your waterbirth instead and currently using that feeding chair xx Rianon