Wednesday, 2 October 2013

First Childless Night

So Angus stayed overnight with my mum on Saturday 28th September age 11 weeks and 7 days, our first night without him since he was born!

And typically I was feeling terrible with a rubbish cold, so was hubby!

So I dropped Angus off at 4pm he was happy as larry he loves his gran & being at his grans house bless him.

On the way home I popped into Morrisons & bought some munchies (crisps, chocolate etc) then when I got home I ordered Dominos pizza & ran a nice hot bath!  Hubby & I cuddled up watching the film No Strings Attached & I had a couple of glasses of wine that my friend got me as a gift when Angus was born which was yummy.  I thought I'd have missed alcohol more than I actually have.

We were in bed by 8.30pm! I slept in our bed which was amazing & so comfy compared to the spare single bed I've been sleeping in in Angus's room with him.  I had a great sleep but felt absolutely dreadful in the morning with the stupid cold :-(  

Before I picked him up I went to Tesco as they had 20% off clothing and I got in a lot of clothes for his Christmas, picked him up at 1pm.  He was a very good boy for his gran slept well too so he got a glowing report.

It was very strange not having him in the house but I want him to have a wonderful relationship with his gran like I did with my grandparents so I think he may stay over once a month.

Here's some pics from his night at his grans oh & not to forget my sister, his auntie, too lol!

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