Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Treatment Card!

Sorry been a bit slow in updating been very busy.

So I got my treatment card through which is great and is as follows:-

16/05/12 Prostap injection
07/06/12 Gonal f injections start 225iu x 2, blood test, scan
08/06/12 Gonal f injection 225iu x 2
09/06/12 to 14/06/12Gonal f injection 225iu and buserelin nasal spray 7am, 12pm, 6pm and 11pm
15/06/12 Gonal f injection, buserelin spray, blood test, scan
16/06/12 Gonal f injection, buserelin spray, hcg injection
18/06/12 Egg collection
19/06/12 Phone lab to check fertilisation
21/06/12 cyclogest pessaries (biopsy day)
22/06/12 Embryo Transfer
03/07/12 Blood pregnancy test!

So it is all very real now and a week today I will have had my first injection!

I have been manically trying to get lots done around the house etc so there isn't so much on my mind when treatment starts!

Will be sure to keep you updated after first appointment next week

MrsM xx

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