Friday, 18 May 2012

Had first injection of many!

Well Wednesday 16th at 8.15am was our appointment.  We left in plenty of time as have to head into busy city centre and were there in plenty of time.  The were running late so didn't get seen until 8.35am it was very quick 10 minute appointment, I was more nervous than normal about the injection as it was a different nurse.  The injection itself wasn't sore but it was nippy when the stuff went in!

On way out we treated ourselves to a hot chocolate and it was very disappointing :-(

Got to work at 9.30am which was good so less time to work back! A few hours later I was getting mild abdominal pains and sore heads.  Was so tired in the evening I went to bed at 8pm!  I did read for an hour which was good to de-stress and wind down.

All day on Thursday I was in agony it was awful I could barely walk it felt like someone was stabbing me in the tummy.  I was desperately drinking as much water as possible but it didn't seem to help.  Again was in bed at 8pm but was at the toilet peeing at least every half an hour had a terrible sleep.  BUT I actually feel much better today so the water must be doing the trick eventually!  Now I need to try and drink more in the day than in the evening so I can sleep without feeling like my bladder is going to burst.

Hubby is being great I am so impressed with him I hope he keeps it up!



  1. Drinking LOTS of water is important hun. I really struggled with dehydration x

  2. Hey you thanks for that, I am managing the water well now so it must be helping :-) You can throw any suggestions my way any time hun :-) xx

  3. Wow you are nearly there - hope hubby stays great :) xx Rianon

  4. Hey Ria thanks hun. Think Im overdue for an update xx

  5. Yes I am very excited about your progress. Hope you don't have nasty side effects!

    xx Rianon