Tuesday, 27 November 2012

10 weeks!

Well today I am 10 weeks pregnant.

I had my booking in appointment this morning which went ok & they gave me a new vitamin instead of just folic acid which had vit D in it.  Had to have bloods done twice as she forgot one which was not very nice.

I am waiting for the doctor to call me back as my meds have run out and I need more and I missed his call this morning boohoo I hope I get them soon as due to take them in 3 hours eek!

I managed to go to Tesco and I got 2 CD's and some xmas cards yay finally something done for xmas.

The sickness has been more controlled and I am surprised at how ok I feel today after a terrible sleep, which then makes me panic that everything is not well with baby.  I really need to try to get back to work soon though scared incase boss puts me on SSP without telling me, we only get 4 weeks sick pay in a year anything else is at his discretion.

CVS in 3 sleeps time Im quite nervous about it to be honest!

DH and I still not getting on well he is not feeling good and is taking it out on me and wants me to do more in the house, well I would if I could I just cant believe he doesnt know how much a struggle the slightest thing is for me.


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  1. Good luck for tomorrow - and take it easy hun. If your house is a mess than who cares you and baby come first.

    xx Rianon