Saturday, 17 November 2012

Quick update

I am so sorry I've been unable to update my blog. I have been very poorly for the last 3 weeks now with the Hyperemesis.  I have just got home from my 5th hospital admission, 3 drugs 3 times per day and still can't keep it at bay. I have finally talked the doctor into giving me Ondansatron which is the only thing that seems to help a bit. So I am now on 4 tablets 3 times per day, as well as a vitamin tablet 3 times per day!.

Yesterday I had a scan (my 4th one!) and today I will be 8+4, DH was there at the scan for the first time.  Everything is looking ok.

We have our CVS booked for 30th November which I am quite nervous about.

I also had acupuncture on NHS for the Hyperemesis, they just put one needle in each wrist but Ive to go once per week.

DH is starting to struggle with all of this we had a big fight today (in the hospital, luckily I had a private room) he reminded me that he just had a heart attack 3 months ago and he feels really stressed out, can't sleep for worrying about me and baby etc.

Anyway I need my bed again, just wanted to check in xxx

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  1. Thanks for the update things look really great :-) (Well apart from you feeling awful and DH feeling stressed)

    Keeping literally everything crossed for 30th November. How long after will you get the results?

    xxx Rianon