Monday, 28 January 2013


Well 3 days ago on Friday 25th January we received some amazing news that my balanced translocation is purely carried by our baby, no unbalanced translocation is present.  Obviously best case scenario is that it would be clear, however we are over the moon that we can have our take home rainbow baby and no longer have the future hanging over us.  The only thing is when my baby tries to conceive they will come up against the same challenges that I have :-(

I finally announced on facebook and was taken aback at all of the lovely responses and well wishes from people, the post has 154 comments!

I did find out the sex purely because my DH wanted to and we are excited to learn we are having a baby boy.

My HG has been coming back in the evenings and I haven't been keeping too well but still better than I was previously so shouldn't really complain.

Since we have had results mum, gran and sister have been great wanting to buy things etc.  Went pram shopping on Saturday and found the one which my mum is buying me its the Emmaljunga Edge in black carbon fabric on Duo S chassis, total is £845 and £200 for car seat and belted base for the car which gran is paying for.  I feel so guilty it's such a lot of money but they are ok with it so hey ho!

Our 20 week scan is on Wednesday, 2 more sleeps till we see our wee man!!!