Tuesday, 19 March 2013

26+3 (95 days to go)

Well I have been rubbish at blogging lately so sorry!

Nothing much to report really, viability day has been and gone so we are now viable yay.  he has been moving around and kicking me but still has quiet times although I do think it's because he moves position so I can;t feel it as much.

My sickness has been a lot better but still so very tired all the time, I am in bed by 7.30pm every night.  Hubby has been great he did all the housework at the weekend and he has built all of the nursery furniture which is looking good.

I am still waiting to hear back from my boss about maternity leave but I am hoping to finish up in 9 weeks which cannot come quick enough.  I have so much clearing out etc to do in the house to make room for baby.  Clothes clear out will start next weekend as its Easter bank holiday weekend so I will have some extra time.

I went to the stables a couple of weeks ago as I was selling my beloved show jacket and it was nice to be out and see friends and horses but the weather was horrific so I wasn't out for long and hubby was worried about me out driving in such bad conditions.

We had our 24 week midwife appointment and everything was fine there too.

Yesterday I got through an appointment to attend the genetics clinic on Thursday so that will be interesting to see what they have to say to me.


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