Monday, 1 April 2013


So I attended the genetics clinic which was running really late and to be honest was a total waste of time.  She didn't tell me anything I don't already know except she did offer to test my mum so I gave my mum the details and I hope she gets tested as then I will know for definite if I got the translocation from her or my dad.

Work finally accepted my leave so Friday 24th May is my last working day and I absolutely cannot wait.

Baby has been doing well especially last couple of days I have had lots of movement and some very hefty kicks and punches!

I have had the first sigh of stretch marks which scared me a little, on my hips and boobs so needless to say I am now using more bio oil than ever!

Gran very kindly paid for us to have a 4d scan but I have to say I was pretty disappointed as we were not scanned for very long at all and baby wasn't in the best position so pictures weren't very good but I will attach them anyway, they did actually look a bit better on the disc.

I have my 28 week midwife appointment on Wednesday so will update on how that goes xx

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  1. Wow this is so wonderful! Congratulations!! I hope mine goes as well. I am just about to begin my IVF/PGD journey!