Tuesday, 12 June 2012

A Long Overdue Update...

Sorry for taking so long to update - again! I have just been taking each day as it comes really.

Had our next hospital appointment on Thursday 7th June at 8.15am arrived way too early again but were seen first which was good. Internal scan showed lining was thin and ready to go, then nurse showed me how to do my gonal-f injections of which I am having 225 per injection. Had some blood taken then off we went with my purple bag of drugs (purple has always been my favourite colour).  Hubby treated me to breakfast in the hospital canteen of toast and bacon which was yum then we had to walk down the city for my acupuncture appointment.  It was fab, she is just lovely and really "gets" it.  I first seen her on 31st May she knows her stuff and is clued up on my hospitals protocols and consultants names etc! 

On Thursday and friday I had gonal f injections twice daily then it went back to once a day which I have chosen to do in the evenings. Starting on Saturday 9th June I have to sniff buserelin 4 times per day 7am, 12pm, 6pm and 11pm.  I was at my local horse show on Saturday I was there much longer than planned but it was a lovely sunny day and I didn't do too much except walking and holding my horse it was great to spend time with him and he won both of his classes and went champion :-) 

Sunday I felt pretty awful and rested for most of the day.  Luckily I was reading fifty shades of grey trilogy and they were fab, really took my mind off all things IVF :-)

I am struggling with work now I can't seem to concentrate at all but luckily one of my colleagues is fab and told me anything I don't fancy doing just give to her which I am really grateful of.

had a few rocky patches with hubby and he told me he thinks that if our IVF fails then I will leave him. You would think our infertility is down to him - but it's me! Well all we can do is ride it out.  It's his birthday today so I gathered up the energy to make him his favourite for dinner steak, mushrooms, onion rings and fried egg lol!

On that note, my mum made me a massive pot of chicken and vegetable soup to help me eat healthy and get protein which is great so I have been taking it to work for lunch.

Back to the hospital on Friday 15th June for another scan and bloods so hope that goes well.  Which means perhaps only 3 more injections (plus HCG booster) left to go!!

Thanks for reading I will endeavour to update more regularly.

As a last note one of my cycle buddies sadly had a really awful experience and I just want to take this moment to say I regularly think of you hun and will always be here for you xxx

Love MrsM


  1. Hey hon,

    Great to read everything is going well. I am so happy to read that you enjoy going to Maureen, she is just fab! I am looking forward to seeing her again when we start round 2!

    Thank you for your kind words hun, it means so much xxx

  2. Sure he said it because he loves you and maybe a bit insecure in himself???

    (Sorry to talk to another person on your blog but it is great your are doing nr 2 Hope)

    xx Rianon