Saturday, 4 August 2012

Review Appointment

Well on Wednesday 1st August 9.30am we had our review appointment at Glasgow Royal.  And as usual for my trips to Glasgow the weather was awful.  Arrived dutifully at 9.15am.  Sitting in waiting room and nurse comes to tell me we aren't in the book so she would go and speak to someone.  I started to panic thinking we had wasted our time and taken time off work to go there :-(

I was also looking forward to this morning as I was hoping to meet a fellow PGD friend who I met online who had her appointment after me at 10am. She arrived at 9.45am, I still hadn't heard anything from the nurse, so she urged me to go and ask.  I did and the nurse said it was fine I was on the clinic list? Weird, anyway!  Had a lovely chat with my friend and her DH and I think it actually helped my DH relax too as he really hates hospitals, he is a mess! And it is the least tense and nervous I have been in that wee room with various couples sitting mainly in silence, it was so good just to chat it out! eventually they took me in at around 10.15am.  There was a doctor, our PGD co-ordinator and a geneticist.  Basically they were happy with our cycle was just bad luck that all 4 embryos tested to have my translocation.  They will not change anything about my protocol so that sounds positive.

Next up for discussion was DH sperm.  Finally managed to get numbers from them which had proved a nightmare before.  Basically last year his count was 124 million and on day of EC it was less than 0.1 million.  He is booked to go in on 16th August to do a sample and it will be stored, just incase when treatment comes around the sperm may be worse again.  Doctor was concerned it may be a medical problem and asked DH if he had found any lumps or anything out of the ordinary, thankfully he hasn't. Then came the inevitable question, did he take steroids! My DH is quite a big guy and he does work out, do weights, and MMA type sports but he does not take anything illegal, it always offends me when they ask that. I am not saying he is an angel, and yes 15 years ago he did take them.

The only thing we can think is because he had been ill around EC, he was run down, had cold sores, was hardly sleeping, that this affected the sperm.  So now I have him religiously on Wellman Conception, Bee Pollen, Royal Jelly, L'arginine, zine, vit C, & Q 10 lol!

I also asked what painkiller i was given after EC as it made me really ill, they told me the medical term for it and now I can't remember what it is, I will have to ask again so I can be sure to be careful of being given it again.  PGD co-ordinator did say I shouldn't have been given 2 of them though she was surprised I wasn't hallucinating!

My last point was to find out more about my translocation as all I know if its 7 & 9! Doctor was surprised as he said they have a lot more info than that on file which I was a bit annoyed about, but the genetics lady was lovely and said she will be happy to research my translocation and write to me with her findings so I look forward to receiving that, hope it's not too long.

To finish up I asked how long it will be until we can get started again. Doctor said as soon as DH has given sample we can get moving but PGD co-ordinator interrupted and said no way as they are full for August and September and it will be end of October, or November. 

The main thing is to get DH sperm back up though but I just feel Oct/Nov is so far away and then into winter travelling into Glasgow, god help me if we get all the snow we had the year before last!! And I wonder what they do if any dates fall around Christmas?!

Went to briefly see my lovely friend and her DH in waiting room before we left, poor them having to wait as they messed up my appointment :-(

So I have had a good few days blow out eating all sorts of rubbish, drinking coffee, coca cola!

Mum took me out to lunch today as DH and my 2 sisters are away to Blackpool (not together) which was nice :-)

Didn't realise how down I had been feeling until today, had music blaring and had a good old clean in the house and feeling so much better!

Work is absolutely terrible, can't look for anything else until the end of our IVF journey, but with any luck we will know by the end of 2012 if we will have a baby or not.

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  1. Lovely post sweetie! Uh your friend sounds lovely too (hee hee).

    Oct will be here before you know it (((hugs))) xx