Monday, 27 August 2012

Wed 8th/Thur9th August - Scary Times

Well on Tuesday DH had me up all night as he was suffering from acid.  He has a hiatus hernia so if often bothered with acid.  so on Wednesday night he still wasn't feeling well and was snoring so I couldnt get to sleep, at midnight I gave up and went to spare room.  Was finally falling asleep and Dh woke me up, said I would have to take him to hospital. It was 1am. I was not amused. Threw some jogging trousers and a work top on, with trainers and Berghaus jacket (yes I looked a complete state). Sorted out the dogs and off we went to A&E. Took us just over 20 minutes to get there then had a nightmare finding A&E then finding parking, gave up and parked at drop off so I took him in, checked in then I went to move car. Got back to be told he had been taken in and they would come and get me. This was at 1.45am. 2.45am came and still no-one came. I was getting really annoyed thinking great NO sleep before work I am going to be knackered and crabby! Finally around 3am a nurse came and called me through. Was very weird she was asking if I was ok etc and I was just like yeah I'm fine just tired, how is he she said hes doing ok but the doctor will come and have a word with you if you wait here you can you your husband soon.  So I waited in a corridor and then a nurse took me to him. he was covered in sweat, hooked up to machines and monitors, he was out of his face on drugs and smiling at me! Finally doctor came and told me they thought he was suffering from a heart attack so they were waiting for an ambulance to take him to Edinburgh Royal specialist cardiac ward!

I burst into tears! & started to shake. DH was smiling its ok Im fine (yeah that was the high doses of morphine talking) the doctors and nurses were useless didnt tell me anything or help me. I had to ask if I go or drive there etc they said if I have car I better drive or be stranded in Edinburgh. So of course next question is how the hell do I find this place. I was promised directions be printed off. The ambulance guys arrived they were fab and explained everything to me, dead nice guys really helpful, normal and understanding. He said I should leave as they would get there way before me. Still no directions from nurse so I went to the desk to ask they were all standing around in a circle obviously discussing my husband.  I heard a doctor say they needed a cardiac specialist to travel in ambulance. I eventually had to say excuse me and ask for directions and finally they got me some so I headed off. It was 3.30am.  I called my boss and left a voicemail, text my mum and best friend from work. Then I braved the drive to the hospital. I am useless at driving places I dont know and I hate driving the Edinburgh bypass.

All the way there I was shaking like a leaf, all over the road luckily there were no other cars on the road. Kept waiting for the ambulance to pass me but it never did. Got lost almost at the hospital (later discovered I was 100 yards from hospital entrance when I about turned!) phone sat nav took me through a wee housing estate then found it. Saw A&E straight away, got parked no probs, a few ambulances there great. Went to desk nope not there yet.  In the meantime I managed to get a spot under my nose to bleed badly so was sitting like an idiot with blood soaked toilet roll under my nose.  sat there till 5am then asked again if she could find out where he was, crazy thoughts were running through my head. Lo and behold they had admitted him straight to the ward so made my way up there. The nurses were amazing and knowledgeable. I was soooo tired. They set about stabilising DH and his pain. 

We decided I would call his dad at 6.30am as he is normally up by then anyway and ask him to go and see to the dogs.  The ward was CCU (coronoray care unit) and had a lovely relatives room. I had text  his dad saying call me when you get this text.  I went to call him and told him what happened, he LAUGHED! and said Ive been telling him about his weight. I couldnt believe what I was hearing. The first person I spoke to, I needed support!!!! I was seriously unimpressed and got him to agree to go let dogs out. DH was not surprised when I told him and thats why he didnt want to tell him in the first place.  At 7am the nurse said I should go home for a rest and bring DH back some things. I needed sleep, but so did DH too I think. Called FIL to tell him no need to come over but he was at gym so BIL partner (they stay with him) said she would tell him. Managed to get home in one piece, let dogs out for a pee, puppy had held it in I was so proud of him as he has been a nightmare to toilet train. Then I went to bed. had literally curled up in the covers and FIL came in. I stayed in bed didnt even bother getting up. I heard him play with the dogs in the garden though & couldnt sleep!

DH text me around 11am and I woke up so got up - an hour sleep. Hurriedly got things organised in the house, packed a bag for DH, stopped at Tesco and back to hospital. Took over an hour to get there and traffic was a nightmare. Oh also had to pay for parking at hospital, 5 hours was about £7!!

By the time I got to the hospital, around 2pm, Dh had had angiogram and a stent fitted. He was doing ok. Still a bit tachycardic.  How did it get to Thursday afternoon so quickly. Text mum to see if she would make me dinner thankfully she said yes and I got there for dinner around 8pm then home to bed.

They told him he may get moved to local hospital so on Friday I waited for that news.Finally heard no beds in local hospital so staying in Edinburgh.  I got there around 1pm. Then they told me he was moving to a ward in there that has set visiting times so I may have to go home and back again!! Erm I dont think so I was so annoyed.  Luckily the nurse was nice in the ward and said I could stay. DH was in a room of 4 and they were hilarious older men. Proper comics they were I was in stitches at them. At 4pm I left to miss the traffic, mum made dinner again. DH friend from work and his partner went to visit him in the evening which was lovely of them I was sooo pleased!!!

On Saturday morning the doctor said he was v pleased with his progress and he could go home that afternoon so DH said he would let me know when to come for him. So all morning I did housework as his brother was supposed to come see him when he got home. I picked him up about 2pm. He was so glad to be out of there and walk around and get some fresh air.

As we neared home we passed the pub along the road and his 2 brothers and dad were there so he made me stop and we went over to see them before going home, then walked over to BILs house to see SIL (she is a stroke nurse) we had a good natter then finally went home and DH had some rest.

The first thing DH said to me in A&E was, what about our IVF. Bless him.

I had to cancel his appointment for sperm sample for the following week and was told we had to wait 4 months before going any further. :-( Very disappointed. Over the moon that DH is ok but we both wanted this IVF journey over and done with either way by the end of the year so that if we arent going to have a baby then 2013 is our moving on year. I will call the hospital when DH gets back to work to see if we can pre plan dates rather than wait 4months then have to wait as per diary!

DH is doing really good and has lost a lot of weight and is really watching what he eats. I am very proud of him. Its also changed him he is a lot more understanding and loving bless him xxxxx

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