Friday, 21 September 2012

Thought I better blog....

Well I haven't blogged in a while, since my update about DH's heart attack.

He is doing great has lost about 2 stone in weight and is looking great, he is a much happier/better person now too which is great for me! He had an Echo scan which they said looked good but we are waiting for the report from the specialist consultant.

His sperm sample appointment is 1st November and clinic appointment is 13th December. I will be very annoyed if they are fully booked for January and February as when I called her and asked if we could be put in the diary she said no not until clinic appointment. I am hopeful his sperm is back to normal and it was his heart problem that caused the dramatic drop. Fingers crossed. The only thing that can possibly help next treatment is better fertilisation so more eggs can get to PGD testing.

I haven't been doing so good. Can't seem to get back to eating well and exercising, the urge to eat junk food especially at weekends is sooo bad! Also been feeling very down as my old best friend from school days and we used to work together recently had a baby and is now planning her wedding. all good. She rarely posts on FB but has taken to posting very soppy girly posts about her "new" best friend and how they had a girlie day out wedding dress shopping and drinking champagne etc today and she picked "the" dress. I admit, I am jealous of this other friend. I want it to be me. she obviously does not feel anything for me anymore. I am tempted to just remove her from FB and forget about her as she seems to have done me.

So I spent my day off today at the stables with my new friend, we rode out on our friends 2 horses as she is away. The friend has loads to do so I rode her horse (I rode him while she was pregnant and we love each other) i took a brave pill and took him into the stubble field we had a blast had a proper gallop and even popped a few wee jumps in the jump field too. He was a star. I had a huge cheesy grin on my face. I can honestly say that is the happiest I have felt in a very long time! Although I now won't be able to walk for a few days!

Since my treatment wont be till next year I will be riding him through the winter for her again to keep him fit as she events him, they were in Horse & Hound magazine this week!!

Anyway its after 11.30pm and I need my bed so goodnight Bloggers xxxx

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