Sunday, 14 October 2012

Happier Times

I just had to blog.

I have never felt so happy in such a very long time.

4 years trying to start a family, 3 miscarriages and 1 failed IVF - DESTROYS you as a person and has such a huge impact on your life and your views on life and things in general.

So last night was a ceilidh/disco for the riding school to mark 40 years of business and as a fundraiser for Cancer Research as my friend/instructors dad who owns the riding school had a very close brush with cancer last year.  I was actually dreading it. I've not been out socialising much with this group of friends from the stables where I ride my friends horse.  Hubby isn't big on socialising especially with strangers. It wasn't going to go well.

So we arrived a bit late but got a seat at a large round table right beside dance floor with some friends who were already there. Grabbed a drink! Everyone was so nice and welcoming, speaking to hubby and making him feel comfortable, my friend/instructor is amazing she sat with him for a while bringing him out his shell. I went and did a few Scottish dances with my friends and it was great fun, although I am very unfit! Good friend whose horse I ride, her husband to be gets on great with my hubby and they eventually even got my hubby to DANCE!  It was really good fun I could go with all my friends and dance and not worry about having to look after hubby we had an absolute ball I was so so happy :-)  Was very disappointed when the evening came to an end.

Feeling very loved up with hubby and it feels amazing to actually feel properly happy.  A full night of no IF, apart from at the start of the night one friend I havent seen for a while asked when next IVF is and that was it! I was free from IF woohooooo!!!!!!!

Thinking back to one of my previous blogs about lack of friends, well last night just proved I have so many genuine friends who do care and want me to be happy :-)

We are all off out again on Friday night for my friends 21st, her birthday is on Thursday same as mine, although I am 30 and she is insisting we share her party and I have to do a speech bless her - its her party lol!

Downside, I drank wayyyyy to much and have spent all day in my pj's can can't wait to get to bed after X-Factor lol!!

Top night I am so thankful for my friends :-) xxxxxxxxxx

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