Sunday, 7 October 2012

In Memory Of Louise Imrie

Today signifies the anniversary of the last time I saw Louise compete, at Gleneagles cross country.  She was doing pairs and her friend pulled out on that morning she was very lucky that another friend very kindly agreed to come and I am very thankful for that.  And it was also to be the last time I saw Lou ride too.

On Friday 18th November 2011 Louise was at school and had to go to the nurse as she was complaining of a headache.  She blacked out in the nurses room there and then and never came around.  She died on Sunday 20th November.  She donated 5 organs and saved 5 lives.  I am so proud of her and my amazing friend, her mum, Gillian.

As fate would have it, on Thursday night I stopped in for petrol on way home from the stables and they were parked in front of me, I am so glad to have spoken to her the day before that fateful day.  And on hindsight she wasn't her usual self, I wonder if she had a headache then.

Laterally we have one of those friendships where you didnt see each other much but always picked up where you left off.  I was there as Lou grew up with the ponies and I led her on the lead rein at shows on her wee Shetland pony Rocky and watched her grow up and onto bigger, different and more challenging horses.  Monty, Wotsit, Cleo.  I remember I took her to showjumping on Monty and I had a go round too lol (this is a wee Welsh Sectioon A lol!!).  And one time she was jumping him (he had a very dirty stop on him for a while) he was being very bad so I got on for her and he ditched me lol, she never let me live it down.  She turned out to be a fantastic jumper and very capable rider on a very difficult horse.  Such a shame to lose such young talent and an amazing girl she was so cheeky yet loveable and caring young lady who would give everything for her horses.

So although its not the anniversary of her death, I am thinking of her a lot today as the last time I saw her in action.

Just realised I didnt say what happened to her, she had a massive bleed on the brain, age only 14 :-( .  According to the doctors she had it all of her life and it just randomly burst as it would have done one day.  I remember Gillian telling me she is glad she didnt know she had it or she would have wrapped her up in cotton wool, not let her ride and fulfill her dreams like she did every day of her life

RIP Lou never forgotten xxxxxxxx

PS my Blog profile pic is actually she memorial pic I chose to put on facebook for Lou and I think its so relevant to her xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

I am making this post in this colour as it was her fave. Rather than my fave purple xx

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