Sunday, 17 June 2012

Bit of a rollercoaster few days!

So we had our appointment on Friday 15th June to see how our follicles are coming along with the stimms.  As we were leaving hubby and I had a huge row so I told him not to come as he would stress me out so off I went myself.  8.15am appointment again didn't have to wait long. Weather was just awful torrential rain and wind it was a yellow weather warning - not pleasant. Scan was ok.  Lots of follicles and lining was ok too.  Only problem was the biggest of the follies only measured 15 and they have to be minimum of 17 :-( I got some bloods done and she gave me away some extra gonal f and also my ovitrelle hcg booster and said they would call me to let me know what the plan of action was.  Got back to the car just before 9am and cried my eyes out! The first hurdle of the cycle.  Had to wait until 10am for acupuncture so lots of time to think.  Hubby called me when I was in tears and told me to go home after acu instead of going to work, I agreed it was for the best.  Glad I had my acupuncture as it really helps chill me out and focus. 

Got home just before 12pm. Had a cuddle with hubby and I went to bed with my hot water bottle. Hospital called me at 3pm and said I would have to go back the next day (Saturday) for another scan.  If follicles not big enough they would keep me stimming until ready then do EC and freeze the eggs.  This was the biggest shock, for all the research I have done for my IVF PGD I have not looked at anything FET (frozen egg transfer) related. This scared me.  Luckily a friend on a fertility forum is pregnant through FET PGD which gave me some hope and she told me some questions to ask. Never underestimate the power of fertility forums, they are my lifeline!

Cue Saturday morning another awful day weather wise.  Had to go to the ACS Suite this time. I felt much less comfortable as I had to change into their gown, head cap and blue booties as we were in theatre lol! Scan didn't go aswell either was extremely uncomfortable as it wasn't working properly so she was moving it around all the time ouch!!! Eventually we got going. Lining has got thicker again. Still loads of follies and one at 18 yeah!!!! she then scared me by saying my cycle would probably be cancelled as there were so many follicles similar in size. i was numb.  While waiting for consultant, she said to me is this your first IUI I said not its my first IVF PGD, to which she looked horrified and said of course my cycle will be fine, she thought I was IUI as they don't normally scan IVF ladies on a Saturday. PHEW!!!!!

After a wait she came with the good news that EC can still go ahead on Monday and to take my gonal f and ovitrelle at 7.30pm that evening.  And my last sniff at 6pm that night woohoo!!

Again, spent the rest of the day with hot water bottle.  Today has been mostly the same, relaxing in my pjs keeping warm.  Have to fast from midnight tonight, then up at 6am to leave before 7am eeek!

If I am feeling up to it I will update tomorrow when I am home and hopefully it will all have gone well!


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