Thursday, 21 June 2012

Made the call...

Well I dutifully called the lab at 2pm today to hear that of our 9 fertilised eggs only 4 have made it to biopsy.  I am pretty upset at this as I really thought there would be more and therefore more chance of one or two (or more!) "normal" embies for us.  So we have basically gone from 16 eggs collected, to 14 suitable for ICSI, to 9 fertilised, to 4 suitable for biopsy.

Ihave also in the last few moments realised something else, its not just not having a baby at the end of this that is a worry, it's putting ourselves and our marriages/relationships, and our bodies through all of this to get nothing in return.  I really don't know if I will be able to do all this again. On the verge of tears here but I can't as I'm sitting at work. Really hope boss takes his time coming in this afternoon I really could do without him being here.

Cannot wait to get home tonight.

The worst part is that NO-ONE seems to "get" it.  I know that sounds really selfish but no matter how much I explain it to people they don't understand.  Even my mum just said oh so your biopsy will remove the abnormal cells from those 4. If only mum, if only.



  1. Please don't give up on the 4 wee embies that have came this far honey. They need you to be strong, they need you to fight for them and stay positive. You have 4 thats made it, many dont get to that stage! Please have faith sweetie xx

  2. I know hun, thank you, you know what its like I'm convinced they are all going to have the translation, let's hope not! Spoke to Maureen she is going to do me in her lunch break bless her so fingers crossed we get that far xxx

  3. Family can't really understand but I am happy they do not I would never wish this process on anyone from my family.

    xx Rianon

  4. That is true Ria. But I like to talk and would love to be able to sit and chat about it, but at least I have forums and all you lovely cyber friends xx

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