Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Egg Collection

So yesterday morning I got up at 6am and we left for the hospital at 6.50am.  Got there in plenty of time as usual, checked in at reception and waited in waiting room, there was already one couple waiting. We had a brief meeting with a nurse about the anaesthetic, then DH went to do his sample.  Then we had another brief meeting with the doctor about the procedure.  Taken into the recovery room by lovely nurse Janice who was there for my scan on Saturday, she did my obs showed me to my bed, I got undressed into their gown and went to the loo then theatre! Hubby was told to go away for an hour so he headed off to the shops for wander.  Got the cannula in my hand and it was actually quite sore when the drugs went in, very uncomfortable, also had mask on, very quickly i was out for the count.  It was supposed to just be sedation but it felt just like GA to me which I am glad about! Came around in recovery felt very sore, but generally fine. Heard one of the nurses say to another that when hubby comes back she needed to speak to him. I got very worried so I asked for my phone and text hubby to tell him to hurry up. When he got back he went to find out and basically his sperm quality was substantially reduced compared to last year, he had to do another sample. They decided to change from IVF to ICSI where they inject the sperm into the egg directly. Now I am really worried.   They collected 16 eggs which I was very pleased with.

After a while Janice came to get me up but as I sat up I was in agony and started to cry - oh the shame! So she hurriedly put me back to bed and got the doctor.  I got some more painkillers. A while later it was feeling less sore so I got up, went for a pee and got dressed.  Was told to wait in waiting room again.  Waited for ages then she came to discharge me, got my pessaries and told to call at 10.15am tomorrow. She did threaten to keep me in overnight as I was obviously in pain but she let me go with a promise to go to my local A&E if need be.

Took us ages to get home due to road works and I felt terrible.  Straight to bed, slept on and off. Felt absolutely terrible very nauseous and in pain, couldn't eat. Very kindly hubby slept in the spare room bless him.

Slept on and off all night, luckily had set alarm for 10am to call the lab at 10.15am.  Of the 16 eggs collected, 14 were suitable to be injected, and of the 14 9 have fertilised.  Called hubby to let him know and he came home from work as he said he is emotionally knackered lol.

Now I have to wait until 2pm on Thursday to find out how many are suitable to be biopsied!!



  1. Hope your doing ok honey x x x

  2. Poor you being in pain but the numbers are very promising xx