Monday, 25 June 2012

Another Wait

Well I heard from Helen at the hospital today she is just so nice. I can't even remember leaving my name when I called for her on Friday and I didn't ask her to call me back bless her. She didn't have my notes back from the lab yet so I had to fill her in on what happened and she was lovely about it.

She has booked us in for a review appointment on 1st August at 9.30am.  I asked how long until we can start next treatment and she said at least Sept/Oct. It just seems so far away. And deep down I know it's going to be longer than this as she actually has people booked in the diary until then and won't book me in for treatment until I've had my review appointment which is 5 weeks away.

Everything is just a waiting game :-(

I was supposed to go back to work today (had booked this week off to be PUPO but cancelled it to save my days for next cycle) but I had to text my boss this morning to say I wasn't up to going in and I'm barely sleeping.

I am 30 in October.

Then is it's any later we are hitting Scottish winter territory and it may be a nightmare getting to hospital appointments. I can't use any holidays as I am saving them all for treatment.

Sorry for such a down blog entry but I am really not feeling positive today at all.



  1. Its so hard. We always have such high expectations and have a vision of how we want things to go. Then, when it doesn't happen according to plan, we are so disappointed! But, low and behold, fall will be just around the corner... and you will be preggers at 30!

  2. You might be able to get a sooner review app if someone cancels. Just keep ringing them and ask nicely they won't mind. People ALWAYS cancel (and a lot of time for good reasons: they fall pregnant and don't need treatment any more) and with this method we always used to have appointments a lot sooner.